Element Acoustics

Terms and Conditions

At Element Acoustics, we always make sure your order is delivered with attention and care. Your order is usually attended within hours when it is placed, and may sometimes be shipped on the same day. Every order is double checked, and professionally packaged before we give to courier or customer. We take full responsibility, if we make any mistakes on customer’s order. However, Element Acoustics is not liable for customer’s error. If you are not sure about the product you order, please contact us. We are always happy to assist.


Element Acoustics respect all authorized dealers, and DO NOT sell product with restriction to areas with existing dealership. If you are not sure, please contact us for more information. If we are not able to help, we are happy to refer your valuable business to your local authorized dealer.


We try to keep enough stock inventories to fulfill every customer’s order. At times, some items may be temporarily out of stock, or require special order. We usually ship in-stock items and place the out-of-stock items on backorder. We require 30% deposit on special order, and they are non-refundable.


Element Acoustics may wait for the back order and ship together, shall back order be available within reasonable time. If you request to put an item on back order that we know will not be available within 30 days, it will be kept on back order by us and shipped as soon as it arrives. You do not need to reorder that item again. If item is no longer available, we will contact you for product replacement, or issue a full refund.

Pricing and Payment

All sales are final at Element Acoustics. At Element Acoustics, our prices are illustrated in Canadian dollars ($CAD). This is because we work with various distributors around the world. If products were imported from USA, we try our best to match the US retail price. This way, we can offer the same price as US dealers to our valuable Canadian customers. Due to the currency exchanges, we may change our price within a certain exchange rate range. Element Acoustics reserves the right to change the list price without notifications.


Element Acoustics accepts payment of PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD, or Cash (In-store Pickup only). We do not charge customers with any other fees. Orders will only be shipped upon receipt and clearance of payment.

Canadian Tax and Export

All products sold in province of British Columbia are subject to 5% (GST) and 7% (PST). All products sold outside of British Columbia but within Canada, are subject to 5% (GST) or applicable HST.


There is no Canadian tax on all international sales. Some items may be subject to destination country duty and tax. We have experience in shipping all over the world, and we may be able to help. If not, please contact your local custom or broker.

Product Warranty

All new accessories and equipment are sold with full manufacturer warranty. Element Acoustics does not offer any expressed or implied warranties beyond those stated herein from the manufacturer. Element Acoustics are not responsible for any consequential or indirect damages incurred from improper use or handling (e.g. scratches from play-heads or stylus, improper cleaning, drops, etc. ) No warranty applies if the goods are in any way altered or modified after delivery by Element Acoustics or its courier.


It will be at the sole discretion of the manufacturer or distributor whether an item is to be repaired or replaced . The customer will be responsible for any shipping charges.