Element Acoustics

Introducing the DOVI#04 SOUND, a unique autographed Bluetooth speaker that embodies the passion for motorsport through the actual helmet of Andrea Dovizioso and Suomy's latest racing technology. The DOVI#04 SOUND transforms the most advanced helmet technology into a high-quality sound cabinet, providing optimal sound flow and crystal-clear acoustics while maintaining the true racing form of the helmet with its "down firing" arrangement of lower speakers. This handcrafted object is the perfect addition to any motorsport enthusiast's collection, complete with the original signature of Andrea Dovizioso. Experience the true spirit of iXOOST with this innovative and one-of-a-kind object that showcases the latest technology and exceptional design. The DOVI#04 SOUND is a testament to the passion for motorsport and music, making it the ideal gift for anyone who shares these interests. Get your hands on this unique autographed Bluetooth speaker and enjoy an unparalleled audio experience that is sure to impress.